Get Started Now

So, you’d like to sell your home with a lease option?!  What’s Next?  We’d like to get started marketing your property right away!  We currently have hundreds of people in our database who are looking to move into a Lease Purchase Home immediately.

The first step is to fill out the Property Information Form & Option Agreement (see link below).  This form gives us the necessary information so that we can answer the prospective Tenant Buyers’ questions about your home, as well as establish value.  It also protects your right to sell or lease the property without us, and gives us the legal right to market your property.  If you have any questions or concerns about the document, please contact us immediately.  We are also happy to review any of our documents with your attorney.

DOWNLOAD Property Information Worksheet & Option to Lease Option – Fillable AND FAX IT BACK TO (202) 449-3803

We will also need you to send photographs of your home. Typically, we like to have photos of the front and back of your home as well as the kitchen, family room, master bedroom and master bath. Of course, anything that is particularly attractive in your home is helpful!   We prefer that you post your photos on Google’s Picasa Web or Flickr and send us the link to the photo album.

If your home is vacant, we recommend that you get a combination lockbox to place on your home. They only cost ~$25 and will save a lot of time and gas in showing your home. They can be picked up at any Lowe’s, Home Depot or locksmith. We require that prospective Tenant Buyers provide us with an application and a copy of their driver’s license prior to viewing your home.

Prior to the Tenant Buyer moving into the property, we suggest that you purchase a home warranty. The reason for this is that although our leases are written so the tenant takes care of all day-to-day maintenance and repairs, there are laws in place to protect people leasing properties. (For example, if the air conditioner breaks, you must fix it promptly.) The easiest way to make this a non-issue is to purchase a home warranty and give the Tenant Buyer the contact information for the warranty company so that he or she can arrange for any repairs.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to sell your home with a Lease Purchase and free yourself from the burden of monthly payments or landlord headaches!!!